Forex Rebate Service

Direct rebate – rebate is paid directly to the broker. The concept of forex rebate there a long time and, as a rule, implies a return of the spread. There is a scheme whereby companies are specialized by broker reward for bringing active clients. To determine the size of the rebate payments to use a variety of schemes. The broker pays a commission rebate system service, which in turn returns to the client part of the money spent on the spread. That is to receive such a scheme, at first glance, is beneficial to all parties, as everyone gets their share.

But the market is not standing still. Advances in technology and the increasing desire of brokerage firms to ensure the transparency of the process of trade has caused a wave of popularity ECN-account and credit card cash back Forex. In such accounts forex companies are not market makers, providing access to the market for a commission, as transactions take place on the interbank market. Forex companies are becoming full-fledged forex brokers not involved in the formation of the spread, but only earns a commission from the transaction. This card cash back Forex help optimally expend finances. Furthermore, ECN-accounts spread may drop to zero.

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