How to write a business plan? 10 useful tips.

How to write a business plan? This question is very often asked most people who have dared to open or have already started their business! Everyone knows that a properly written business plan – is key to the successful development of any enterprise.

Completed business plan should describe your expectations from the new (or existing at the moment) the business and talk about your wonderful ideas prospective lender.
A business plan is a kind of document, after the preparation of which all issues related to business should be resolved without further explanation. Business plan – it is a working document that can be reviewed and edited along with the change of the current plans and strategies.
I bring to your attention the 10 useful tips on the correct preparation of a business plan!

1) How to write a business plan? Initially make the description (abstract) of the project.

It is the first aspect of your business plan, but it must be the last.

It is necessary to explain your strategy and vision of the project (what you want to do), to describe the market and the capital that you need (you intend to do with it), and your competitive advantage.
Shorten – a mini business plan allows after consulting with him to explain to anyone that is a your business.

2) In order to write a business plan – Specify the name of the company.

You must specify the name of the company, appropriate licenses, what is the ownership, legal structure, a brief description of the product or service and what you plan to do (to provide services to engage in retail trade, wholesale trade and manufacturing).
Specify the address of the company, the required area, lessors.
Indicate whether your business is new or an extension or purchase of ready business.
It should describe the goals and objectives of the company and any planned changes.

3) How to write a business plan? Analyze your market.

Outline its market implementation, segments of consumers and for each of the segments.
Specify the scope of the market is moving into profit in three years, and analyze the increase or decrease in your income with the growth of the market.
What is the value you wish to receive the service and products to achieve profit and be competitive? Explain why the buyer agrees to pay you a specified price.

4) Business plan – tell about the products and services.

What are your proposals for goods and services, that consumers on what they are designed, what benefit will be the buyer.
Justify than your products or what you have to offer the best products of your competitors.
Also, tell us how you made product search, and if you intend to produce something that is raw.

5) How to write a business plan? Outline your business strategy and its implementation.

Show how you intend to take on the existing market niche.
Will you use advertising or visit trade shows?

6) How to write a business plan? Do not forget about competitors.

What about five of your major competitors, explain why the products / services you provide are better than others.
Do they have a stable market? Develops or falls? For what reason? Highlight strengths and weaknesses, you are supposed to act? How will you monitor the activities of competitors in the future.

7) How to write a business plan? Feature your production.

Specify how will be the production and delivery of goods and services, what is your financial policies, and how you’re going to get the debts from their debtors.
Also specify how many employees you need, what skills they should possess, will you train them.
It is necessary to clarify what kind of equipment and related technology you need.
Remember that you have taken into account the legal and licensing aspects related to the future of business.

8) How to write a business plan? Describe the organization of the working process.

Who will manage the company?
Include a summary of key managers.
Label job descriptions of key personnel, and a list of relevant consultants.
Calculate the expected financing costs.

9) How to write a business plan? Do the financial calculation.

Calculate the costs associated with the creation and rental companies.
If it is ready to tell the business financial history or anticipated financial performance during the 3 years after the start of business.
Enter monthly income and loss for the first year and quarterly payments for two years ahead.
Also, count the cash flow and current financial statements.

10) How to write a business plan? Keep hands on the accompanying documents.

The business plan must be a summary, job descriptions, letters, records, credit history, written commitments, lease agreement and other documents, market statistics and so forth.

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