If the strategy on Forex is ineffective, how to pick up the other?

Very often, even experienced traders happens it is that one strategy ceases to bring a regular income, or it just does not work. In this case, in any case, do not just get frustrated and give up. As they say, everything is in your hands. This statement perfectly suits for the Forex market .

Now on the Internet you can find a large number of relevant literature, which is ready to help you in this matter. But it is clearly understood that it is not any described on any resource, is indeed profitable.Such strategies can certainly begin to generate income, but that it was necessary to constantly modify its few, make their own adjustments and amendments that will reflect your conduct bidding strategy, and many more just a indispensable factor.

You can select several criteria, which will help you instantly calculate just that this strategy would not be profitable. Let’s look at these criteria:
– Availability of automatic stop. This can lead to the fact that even with a very small deviation values whose gain may drastically change its value, naturally a lower value. If you use for Forex advisor, it may to some extent you save (you can easily keep track of stop optimization). To do this, you simply need to specifically change the appropriate settings in your EA – if the strategy has automated profit. Typically, this value is set in the range of 50 points, and we really value is logically absolutely nothing more than groundless. If you move a little the figure of 10-30%, this strategy dramatically changes its profitability or even turns into a loss-making;
– If the description of the strategy itself is not the author describes its main advantage, and you also can not understand it. If, however, still has the advantage, it must be based on the laws of the movement of prices, and not on any errors the author;
– If this trading strategy for Forex absolutely not provided premature. That is, there are only two options: either to stop or profit;
– If the strategy is designed to work with only one currency pair, and at a comparatively short period of time.
If, after all of the above, you can not think of any strategy that does not contain data postulates, it is also not necessary to be upset. With such a large number of strategies working traders, go ahead and you’re lucky .

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