Larry Williams’ classic trading models for Forex

On April 17, at a seminar on trading, Larry Williams showed a short-term trading model that unequivocally pointed to the need for an aggressive long position on the S & P futures one day earlier than FED cut interest rates, and Dow Industrials soared by 400 points.

Larry has long been a trading legend, at least in the field of his research, discovering market models and boldly executing high-yield trades. When he discussed this particular model with us, and we produced our own computer tests, we were amazed at the actual results of trading that it gives.

We were so enthusiastic that we asked Larry if we could share this model with our subscribers and guests. Below you will find his own manual explanation of the model, its installation and execution.


The take-off in the stock market on April 18 was not as unpredictable as many argue.

This case arose in real trading, and was not drawn after everything had happened. During a trading seminar in Shanghai, April 17, 2001, I bought 6 full S & P contracts at a price of 1193.50, based on the model I used for many years. I repeat, it was in real trading; This is not a retrospective analysis, which usually teaches trading.

Since the beginning of the S & P trade, this model has appeared 27 times, and in each case, short-term traders could make a profit. That’s right, 27 deals, 27 wins. The exit strategy is to exit at the first profitable opening with a dollar stop risk.

Now – the model itself: First, I’m considering this deal for tomorrow, only if today is Monday, Thursday or Friday. I set on the days when so many famous rises happened the next day.

The model is simply an insider day (one that has a lower high and a lower minimum than the previous day), the direction of closing the internal day (day of the insider) does not matter. But, I need that the day before the insider closure was higher than the opening.

In fact, we have an internal day after a white candle, suggesting that the market will continue to rise the next day.

If the opening day after the insider is lower than the maximum of the internal day and a maximum of two days ago, I place a buy order to the maximum that was two days ago.

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