Method of protecting the position in the Forex market

For this strategy, the following condition is necessary – the size of the deposit must be three times larger than the amount required for setting one position.

After analyzing the market (I’m still doing this unimportantly, the experience is not enough, but about the analysis in the end …) – and choosing the most likely direction I put one position in this direction. For example, let’s say BUY. If you guessed it – collected profits, if the market went in the opposite direction – I establish a double position in this direction, for example, it is 2pcs. – SELL, if the market continues to move in this direction, profits from one SELL position are collected and the second fixes a loss from one BUY position – they compensate each other. Then slowly you can close them off with a netting. Worse, if the market, after we install a double SELL position, starts to rise again, in this case it is required to quickly close the offsetting positions BUY and SELL and open the double BUY position – after which the loss of the remaining SELL position is fixed when the mutual closing of 1BUY and 1SELL.

As a result – wherever the market moves – we have a profit. There’s really one moment. If you often err in the direction – we lose a lot on the spread and on the already accumulated minus profite. Therefore, the strategy is most effective if it is used reasonably and without unnecessary panic.

And now about the analysis – I use the indicators Accelerator Oscilator and ZigZag I conduct the support and resistance lines on the tops of the indicator ZigZag, I get the trend channel – let’s say we are dealing with bears, then I study the propensity of the graph inside the trend channel, let’s say it presses more strongly to the resistance line – then in combination with Accelerator’s testimony – let’s say it predicts strong growth, – it can be assumed that a breakthrough of the resistance line is possible, then I check the Accelerator’s indications on the charts with a minute interval and at a five-minute interval – one can understand them As soon as a breakthrough happens, if it happens … Next, I analyze the figures of the chart, if I find a figure that indicates a turn-then I draw conclusions for myself and make decisions.

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