Mini Forex Market

Mini forex trading / mini forex forex differs from the standard size of the deposit. Trading on the Mini Forex starts with deposit $ 100. Transactions are made smaller than 1.0 lot.

Previously, until 2003, with each transaction on the Mini Forex surcharge $ 3 regardless of the amount of the transaction. But since then, this condition has disappeared: now the commission is not charged. Currently, fundamental differences in the terms of trade on the Mini Forex and Forex not. Mini Forex may be of interest to private investors as a training ground with the prospect of access to the “bigĀ» Forex.

Obviously, with the amount of $ 100 is very difficult to make a handsome profit, it can not be compared with large investments. The greater supply of funds, the more opportunities for error correction. Large deposits of traders assume less risk and high returns.

Major brokerage company with a number of clients from the thousands and above as at Forex, or Mini Forex displays on aggregate client positions in the interbank market. This indicates that the broker is interested in successful trading customers as well as a large number of transactions bring the company a profit. For comparison: one transaction of the client gives the broker 1-2 pips of profit. .

But if the broker few customers, it will not be able to withdraw clients’ positions Mini Forex interbank market, because it never reaches the minimum volume of interbank. In this case, you should seriously consider choosing a reliable broker company.

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