10 ways to ruin sales

How to increase sales? It is not enough to offer high quality products. The success is largely determined by the person – the head of sales and management. Therefore, errors in the personnel policy and inattention to the needs of the department can be costly to the owner.

1 Place the head of the department of his friend.

Suppose he does not understand anything in sales, but it will not steal.

God forbid, to appoint the cheap mlb jerseys head of someone from former managers – elementary “chop off” a piece of sweet cake. After all, everything about the department knows! And you peace of mind more money.

2 to take on all sales of primary accounting documentation.

All the same, because the sellers communicate with customers – what they should at the same time to sign a paper, written out beforehand. And the fact that most sellers have a vague idea of the reporting documentation, – do not worry. Do Winners not take into account the fact that the paper until they are discharged, the time to sell is not. Save on staff units junior accountant!

3 Take a job in marketing theorist.

Recounting the textbook Kotler, he must achieve a breakthrough in sales.

Even better, it will provoke a confrontation between members of the marketing and sales departments. Divide and rule! While there is nothing.

Take 4 to work with vendors’ experience accumulated base. ”

Why spend time and money on training new employees when you can take a job already matured seller of rival profile of the organization? And the fact that he comes from “their” base, and six months leave with yours, you can not think – you never know what will happen in six months! Live for today.

5 is equipped with the sales department as a residual.

At the same time prevent any attempt to introduce a cheap jerseys China loyalty program for regular customers, seasonal discounts, promotions associated with the sale. Why is it all necessary? Leave one client – the other two will come, will take one manager – Dial the new “fly” basis – and the road to it! Who’s supposed to – he will sell.

6 Encourage the distributors how to market traders.

And so they earn a lot, and all their work is something – language to talk so your feet moving. Do not need 10 years to learn, it is not necessary to make a career of 15 years: came, saw, and sold! And the cashier every time they wages issues, drinking valerian. Let the people get satisfaction – though not material, so moral.

7 gradually reduces the percentage of retailers in the fulfillment of the plan.

You thought that such a plan can not meet the seller ever! And he handle it. And where one is, there is another … This is no good! Immediately lower the percentage or increase plan, preferably twice, to the next “finest hour” came soon.

8 Turn the 2012+ top-seller with interest on fixes.

Motivation, you say, not that? Nothing of the sort! Calmer will sleep, and all cheap jerseys its loyal customers move into enterprise – let the new looking, he knows how. Incidentally, this is the only thing that he is able wholesale jerseys to do. So where does he go from a submarine? You’re such a wise leader in the world!

9 is paid a fee only for new clients.

Regular customer anywhere you are not going anywhere – who would communicate with him either, he “buys” you instead of your manager. Indeed, cheap nfl jerseys you have no competition, no, get used to the new corporate customer manager is not necessary. Moreover, only you must have a permanent asset, the remaining cost – not the position.

10 Send the new vendors “to float freely.”

It is not necessary to attach to the brand new curator of experienced fighters – you, nobody taught to make money, but how to go up! The less you know the better you sleep. And the less you sell. But the increase in sales is mainly interested in it, would not you?

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