Why does Forex close on some days?

To date, trading on the Forex market is becoming more and more popular. More and more people start their business on this exchange (and this is not easy, because it’s quite easy to earn here, you only need to be able to analyze the situation clearly). This exchange operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week …

Round-the-clock work of stock exchanges is conditioned by the fact that stock trades go around the world, and on Earth, as is known, there are different time zones. So, when in Japan the most goes the height of exchange battles, the US residents are still fast asleep, and vice versa.

Forex has no concept of the time of day, the exchange is absolutely indifferent to the day now or night. The exchange is constantly on the maximum limit of its capabilities, because due to the density of time zones, one exchange instantly replaces another.
For this time has time to complete four full sessions, which can be conditionally divided into the Pacific, Asian, European and American. In the Forex exchange market, the day begins with the opening of the Pacific session, and ends with the American session (close the Chicago Stock Exchange).

Taking into account the time zones, one should also take into account that the exchange market of Forex is very inert. Such inertia is due to the fact that on weekends no trading takes place.

Why does Forex close on some days?

That is, we can state the fact that on the weekend, the transfer of any payments is difficult to do, all this is due to the fact that a small number of bank branches around the world.

By the weekend, the work of Forex can also include national holidays. These days, the stock exchanges are also closed in view of the fact that, regardless of the time zone, there are institutes that are able to buy and sell throughout the whole working day. Proceeding from these operating modes, it can be confidently asserted that there is only a strictly limited weekly session in Forex.
It starts an hour before midnight, that is, at 2300 GMT on Sunday (this time the Pacific Exchange opens) and ends at 22.00 on Friday with exchange trades in the American city of Chicago (at this time the American exchange is being held).

In its normal working days, the Forex exchange is consistently moving through certain exchange centers (among them Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Zurich, London and Chicago).

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